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About the journal: Molecular Medicine Journal is an open access journal strivng to promote the understanding of normal body functioning

and disease pathogenesis at the molecular level, and to allow researchers and physician-scientists to use that knowledge in the design of

specific tools for disease diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and prevention.

Full Journal Title: Molecular Medicine Journal
Other Title: MMJ
Frequency: Bi-Annually
Language: English


Chairman : Abdolazim Nejatizadeh MD., Ph.D. (Iran)

Editor-in-Cheif: Nepton Soltani, Ph.D. (Iran)

Managing Editor: Tasnim Eghbal Eftekhaari MD. (Iran), Fariba Azarkish MSc. (Iran)

English Editor: Nepton Soltani, Ph.D. (Iran), Afsson Piroozan, MSc. (Iran),  Tasnim Eghbal Eftekhaari, M.D. (Iran)

Published by: Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Bandar Abbas, Iran

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